How Brands Launch New Products to Chefs

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Look great on a plate
Performance Marketing
Great on a plate
Grow Your Brand
Mollie Template
Look great on the web
Premium Webflow Template
Mollie Template
Look great on the web
Premium Webflow Template
Mollie Template
Look great on the web
Premium Webflow Template

Deliver your product directly to chefs who are interested in your cuisine

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Grow your brand with chefs.

" SampleCart delivers us quality leads for new markets - we have actionable transparency to chef sentiment and saving sampling costs at the same time "

Trent Hartwig
President, Revolution Farms
Direct to Chef Marketing

Radically Transparent Results

Hands on Product

Easily share product information, images, and other marketing materials


Foster curiosity with executive chefs from cuisines tailored to your products


Track and analyze the effectiveness of your advertising efforts through analytics and metrics


Gain valuable feedback and insights from experienced professionals


Our largest most cost-effective way to showcase product through an online platform


Customized digital landing pages for chefs to explore your products from anywhere


Change your featured and promotional products faster than monthly magazines


Tell your brand and product story through longer-form content channels


Increase brand awareness among executive chefs and other industry professionals


Introduce new products to a targeted, influential audience of up and coming chefs


Stay ahead by showcasing your brand's innovation in the culinary field


Increase the credibility and perceived value of your brand within the industry

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